DAS 2000 Plan

Kegler Brown Construction Newsletter

As part of Governor Voinovich's plan to re-engineer government, his administration had devised a "DAS 2000 Plan" which restructures DAS in an effort to increase its efficiency for customers and taxpayers, including contractors. The Office of Construction Management will replace the State Architect's Office, and the Division of Public Works will be merged with Office Services to form the Division of General Services. Other than the obvious name changes, there should be significant policy changes as well, including:

  • Legislation is to be introduced to raise the "local administration" threshold from $1.5 to $4 million.
  • Plan reviews are to be reduced from three reviews to one.
  • Field representatives are to take on more "inspection oriented" responsibilities and Associate Architect/Engineer firms are to take on additional responsibilities and accountability (i.e. liability). A revised A/E contract may well be included in these changes.

Only time will tell whether this restructuring truly streamlines the DAS bureaucracy as intended.