Creating a Culture of Respect, Civility + Diversity: How to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Ashtabula SHRM Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Tony presented to Ashtabula SHRM on September 12 as a training session for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Reviewing how recent allegations of celebrity workplace harassment has captured headlines worldwide, and how the #MeToo movement has empowered employees to speak up, Tony that bad behavior that should not be tolerated, but doing the minimum to comply with state and federal employment will not be enough for workplaces in the 21st Century.

Actions in dealing with allegations of sexual harassment speak louder than words. Therefore, Tony explained that companies must create a culture of respect, civility and diversity, and stressed how the negative impact sexual harassment claims can have on a company can tarnish its reputation and make hiring more difficult in the future. Tony provided different strategies for training, policies and many other aspects of responding to inappropriate behaviors in the workplace for supervisors and HR professionals to help avoid liability on sexual harassment issues.