ConsensusDOCS Creates First Subsubcontract Agreement

Kegler Brown Construction Alert

It is now easier for subcontractors to contract with subsubcontractors! ConsensusDOCS has created a new standard contract document specifically designed to address the unique characteristics of subsubcontracting. Now a fair contract document is available to address the increasing specialization of the industry and the greater use of subsubcontractors, rather than simply using a purchase order or trying to alter a subcontract.

The new document, known as the ConsensusDOCS 725 – Subsubcontract Agreement, is the first and only standard agreement designed specifically for this type of subcontracting relationship. This straight forward six-page agreement provides an ideal base for the somewhat simpler subsubcontracting relationship. The ConsensusDOCS 725 includes essential provisions addressing:

  • Safety;
  • Change Orders;
  • Payment; and
  • Indemnity.

The ConsensusDOCS 725 – Subsubcontract Agreement also coordinates important flow-down clauses and contains flexible provisions for the incorporation of exhibits to address scope of work, schedule, insurance and other subjects.

Don Gregory will be conducting a national webinar on the new Subsubcontract for ConsensusDOCS on August 5, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. Please visit their website for more information.