Congratulations to the Butler Transportation Improvement District

Kegler Brown Construction Newsletter

Ohio authorized by statute certain county transportation improvement districts (TIDs) to partner with ODOT to design, construct, improve and maintain streets, highways, bridges, interchanges and other defined transportation projects. Because of a TID's flexibility in innovative financing, concurrent engineering and faster construction schedules, costs are reduced and benefits accelerated. From its inception, our firm represented the first such TID (Butler County) to get such a road building program off the ground.

The Butler TID consisted of a major new interchange at I-75 and Union Centre Boulevard, connecting S.R. 747 to Cincinnati-Dayton Road opening access to I-75 from all parts of southeast Butler County, and a new 10.7 mile divided highway connecting downtown Hamilton to I-75. This component was the largest single road building contract in Ohio history and featured an aggressive schedule and innovative bonus program for early completion. As a result, the Michael A. Fox highway was completed in record time - eight months ahead of an already ambitious schedule - and without claims or disputes. The contractor received a $4.75 million bonus for his performance and the citizens of southwestern Ohio received a quality product, under budget and in record time. It has received national recognition for the quality of its construction and pavement.

The award-winning highway and other local roadway improvements have helped alleviate traffic congestion and are expected to have a huge impact on economic development in the area.

Congratulations to the Butler TID and all members of the design and construction team for an outstanding and innovative project that may form the model for many others to come.