Columbus Direct-ly in the Startup + Venture Mix

Kegler Brown Intellectual Property News

Exciting news broke on Thursday, February 19, when Columbus officials announced Southwest Airlines will roll out a new schedule for daily, direct flights from Columbus International Airport (CMH) to both Oakland, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) and Boston, MA airports. Service begins August 9, and with sizeable demand already in place, those brokering the deal are expecting big things.

Make no mistake about it, this new arrangement has promise. Opening new doors to Silicon Valley and Boston provides the Columbus tech/startup community with greater access to coastal capital. Along with that access, however, comes something far more intriguing – potential to alter perceptions and attitudes, shaping a new mindset around venture. Easier travel to and from the venture capital and tech centers of the world may trigger a shift Columbus toward a more robust growth capital approach.

Only time will tell what impact this will have on Columbus’ growing marketplace for emerging businesses, but we have our thoughts. Step one is exposure and, thanks to Southwest, Columbus is now primed to take full advantage of the opportunity. We’ll help you gear up for what comes next, so stay tuned!