Cannabis Law in Columbus: Reconciling What’s Legal and What’s Not

Columbus Bar Association

Rachel appeared in a December, 2019, news piece from the Columbus Bar Association updating readers on the status and progress of Ohio’s medical marijuana system. Rachel discussed changes in counseling clients on medical marijuana matters:

When Columbus cannabis law attorney Rachel Friedman Gold, an associate with Kegler Brown, first started practicing law in 2015, “Ohio attorneys were not permitted to counsel their clients on matters related to medical marijuana because of its federal illegality.” However, in September 2016, the Supreme Court of Ohio added Rule 1.2(d)(2) in response. That promulgation permits Ohio attorneys to counsel or assist clients regarding “conduct expressly permitted under the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP). Now that Ohio attorneys are permitted to counsel their clients on conduct allowed by the OMMCP, we advise clients on all actions permitted by state law as well as the applicability and/or intersection of state law with federal law,” said Friedman Gold.