By the People, for the People? Managing the Governmental/Legislative Interests of Diverse Populations

Ohio State University’s 22nd Annual National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning

Lawyer and lobbyist, Lloyd Pierre-Louis spoke at the National Conference on Diversity, Race & Learning on May 3rd. Gathering at the Fawcett Conference Center on Ohio State University’s campus, this was the 22nd annual conference held by OSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Lloyd explained how diverse communities, demographics and economies cause local, state and federal governments a myriad of diverse issues when developing public policies. He went on to say that beyond voting, many are unfamiliar with the process of steering government towards favorable policies. In this presentation, Lloyd led a discussion on the sometimes simple, sometimes complex subjects that influence government bodies. He highlighted current issues relating to diverse populations with a discussion about political or partisan leanings, the role of media and social media, and the role of lobbyists, interests groups and citizens.