5 Factors Helping the U.S. Economy Grow

Kegler Brown Global Business News

Good news for the U.S. – five years after the recession ended, the country is starting to see the growth businesses and business owners have long awaited.

It's reported in the Economic Times that in June alone employers "added 288,000 jobs and helped reduce the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent." That would be the lowest rate since September 2008.

The U.S. is growing at a healthy 3 percent GDP and since the economy is doing well, it is getting noticed by other countries. The Times indicates the 5 reasons the U.S. is "outpacing" other countries are due to: (1) aggressive Central Bank; (2) stronger banks; (3) more flexible economy; (4) less budget-cutting; and (5) roaring stock market.

The U.S. economy growth is still not at par with the emerging markets like India and China, but it is fueling the overall global economy. The top ways the global economy is being impacted by U.S. growth are (1) free market mechanism; (2) strong exports; and (3) gradual strengthening of the U.S. dollars compare to global currencies.