2018 Ethics Symposium

Kegler Brown’s annual seminar on professional responsibility took place on Friday, September 21 at the offices of the Columbus Bar Association.

The Honorable James E. Green shared some of his experiences and discussed a variety of topics, such as what a lawyer can disclose, how to get a lawyer off of a case, what the contents of a motion should be and more.

A panel discussion followed, featuring a Q+A about municipal courts with Judge Green, Jane Gleaves, Jason Beehler, and moderator Chris Weber.

Jon Coughlan presented on unauthorized practices of law, including admissions and non-lawyers collecting payment.

After a break, Chris Weber covered the topic of lawyers switching law firms and the issues that arise from both sides- the law firm's perspective, and the lawyer's perspective.

Wrapping up this year's seminar, Jason Beehler discussed ethics issues for transactional lawyers.