Ohio Women’s Bar Association Honors Kegler Brown with the 2024 Family Friendly Award

The Ohio Women’s Bar Association (OWBA) proudly acknowledged Kegler Brown as the recipient of its 2024 Family Friendly Award. This prestigious accolade underscores Kegler Brown’s unwavering dedication to fostering work-life balance and supporting the familial needs of its lawyers

The Family Friendly Award, presented annually by OWBA, celebrates legal employers in Ohio who exhibit exemplary commitment to promoting initiatives that support work-life balance, ensuring attorneys can effectively balance their professional pursuits with family responsibilities.

Jen Vessells, co-chair of the firm’s M&A practice and leader of Kegler Brown’s Women’s Collaborative, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, citing firsthand experiences of the firm’s supportive environment. "Kegler Brown transcends the traditional notion of a law firm; it embodies a familial ethos where personal well-being is cherished alongside professional growth," Vessells remarked.

Vessells highlighted the profound impact of Kegler Brown’s policies on work-life balance, echoing sentiments expressed by numerous Ohio-based attorneys who supported the firm’s nomination. "Our culture not only values but actively nurtures the diverse familial roles and responsibilities of our team members," she added.

The award ceremony took place on Friday, April 12, 2024, during an event at OWBA’s annual meeting, at which Kegler Brown was lauded for its exemplary commitment to supporting attorneys in achieving equilibrium between their legal careers and familial obligations.

Established in 2003, OWBA spearheads initiatives aimed at promoting alternative work arrangements within the legal profession, advocating for inclusive policies that empower legal practitioners to thrive.

Lindsey D’Andrea, outgoing president of the OWBA, noted, “Kegler Brown's holistic support for its workforce, reflected in their comprehensive family-friendly policies and practices, demonstrates that flexibility is ingrained in their culture. They prioritize the holistic well-being of their team members through accommodating flexible schedules, top-notch parental leave policies, and dedicated family-friendly spaces.”

Vessells further elaborated, "From day one, it's evident that family is a priority, and our leaders genuinely care about our well-being. The value of the lawyers at the firm is appreciated far beyond our billable hours."

Kegler Brown’s receipt of the 2024 Family Friendly Award serves as a testament to its steadfast commitment to nurturing a workplace culture where legal professionals can thrive personally and professionally.