2014 Annual Giving Initiative

This holiday season, we partnered with our friends at the CCHS to deliver an extraordinary experience for its wheelchair-bound stakeholders by greatly expanding access to its most popular program- the Sensory Room. 

This year’s annual giving initiative helped provide CCHS stakeholders with a state-of-the-art ceiling lift to ensure a safe, comfortable and dignified transfer throughout the Sensory Room, which is designed to open up new experiences to these individuals by getting them out of their wheel chairs. The room also emphasizes alternative sensory experiences to individuals who are severely disabled and have trouble communicating and connecting.

The CCHS Sensory Room

  1. Underwater Theme: the fish and murals provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere
  2. Three Types of Swings: customized for different levels of mobility
  3. Recliners: seating arrangements offer different sensory activities where individuals control their environment by engaging switches and achieving their personal sensory integration goals
  4. Waterbed: the motion of the waterbed combines the sensory experience of floating with the relaxing effect of waves
  5. Disco Ball: individuals interact and engage with different levels of lights and colors emitted by the traditional disco ball

The Columbus Center for Human Services promotes positive community roles for individuals with disabilities. Join us and get involved!