More than ever before, individuals and businesses face an increased risk of potentially devastating consequences emerging from practice errors or non-compliance with agency regulations. Remaining in compliance with the ever-changing regulations and free from civil, criminal, or regulatory liability is an exhausting challenge for licensees.

Our team, which includes former state government agency directors, prosecutors and agency enforcement staff, are intimately familiar with managing board investigations, disciplinary proceedings, and any criminal matters – state or federal – arising from board action. On many occasions, our strong working relationships with the agency ended enforcement at the investigative stage and led to resolutions without disciplinary action or criminal charges.

Our occupational and professional license defense attorneys assist individuals and businesses with matters that include pre-investigation complaint response, board or commission investigations, license defense, compliance programs, administrative hearings and appeals. For clients being investigated or that are required to appear before a board or commission, the response of our team of attorneys has proven critical to preserving the professional reputation of and limiting the disruption to our clients’ businesses, professional practices, and livelihoods.

Our Services

  • Licensing: assisting clients in all phases of the licensing lifecycle, including initial license, license renewal, ownership changes, and closure
  • Investigation response and negotiation: pre-investigation compliant response; managing board or commission investigation; negotiating settlement agreements or consent agreements
  • Litigation: defending against disciplinary action such as license restrictions, suspension, revocation, and surrender
  • Criminal litigation: seamlessly representing clients in parallel state and federal criminal matters
  • Appeals: filing and litigating appeals following disciplinary action and state court decisions
  • Compliance counsel: compliance program development and training; regularly consulting with legislative and agency staff to ensure our clients are informed and compliance programs are current
  • Advocacy: drafting legislation; advocating at committee hearings and public hearings; administrative rule-making and comment
  • Crisis Management + Response: protecting our clients’ professional reputations through strategic response and messaging

Our Clients

Our litigation team represents individuals and companies that are required to respond to a complaint, under investigation, have received a notice of summary suspension or notice of opportunity for hearing, or are facing disciplinary action by a board or commission.

Contact Us

For more information on our occupational + professional license defense services, please contact Luis M. Alcalde or Ralph Breitfeller.