Client Endorsements

Over the years, Mr. Hill has litigated numerous disputes to either a favorable settlement and/or successful outcome in the courts. Three recent cases resulted in letters from clients expressing their appreciation for Mr. Hill’s skills and those on his litigation team. One of those clients (Urban Housing Communities) is headquartered in Irvine, California. Mr. Hill has represented Urban Housing Communities in cases in federal court in Columbus and in state court in California. Another is Kent Stuckey for whom Mr. Hill and his litigation team obtained an $18 million judgment in federal court in Columbus, which was settled for $17.9 million on appeal. The third is from Lester Fant, himself an experienced lawyer, whose company Mr. Hill and his litigation team represented in an eight year litigation in federal court in Columbus arising out of disputes over the attorneys’ fees awards in the nationwide settlement of the tobacco litigation.

Below are quotes from Tom's clients:

"Tom, notably, we have many competent attorneys in California for sure. And over the years we used several. But I can assure you that none measures up to the scope and breadth of your service. Many attorneys are able in specific aspects of litigation, but you have a unique combination of those skills that sets you apart. You have a keen sense of what things mean, a deep understanding and respect for the law, an analytical mind that can go global or get into the detail, the ability to communicate very complex concepts with clarity, and you are a fierce and strategic negotiator. I know that I speak for my brothers when I say that you have never let us down. You have never failed to give us your best and irrespective of the outcome, we have always felt that we have had the best representation.

Tom, you are a remarkable and gifted attorney and I thought it good, before we get into our next skirmish if there is one, to let you know that you have been a great steward in the world of contracts and litigation and we owe you a great deal. You are as consequential to building our organization and protecting it as any of our employees or any of our partners. If you ever need a recommendation for future clients, please do not hesitate to let me know."

Douglas R. Bigley, President | Urban Housing Communities LLC

"Tom Hill knows how to win at trial and how to negotiate a top-dollar settlement. Leveraging long experience and attention to detail, Tom outworked and outwitted our adversary and optimized the value of our claims. The best decision we made was to choose Tom Hill and Steve Barsotti as our trial counsel.”

Kent D. Stuckey, CEO + Board Chairman | Internet Transaction Solutions, Inc.

"Your advice to the parties was superb. When we came to critical junctures where client decisions were required your guidance, and your candor, always lead to correct decisions.

As such matters go, I thought your fees were extremely reasonable. Litigation is never inexpensive, but I am happy with the fees we paid for the services we received. Although the cost was not small, the value was much greater. Many lawyers might not like to hear this, I think we got a bargain.

Finally, on a personal level we spent a lot of time in the trenches together, sometimes with bullets flying over our heads. You are both consummate gentlemen and professionals and working with you was highly enjoyable.

If I ever have the misfortune to be entangled in litigation you will be the first firm I call. If I can ever serve as a reference for a potential client, please ask them to call me."

Ruff Fant, Chairman | Galway III LLC

"I think you are simply the best; a true lawyer's lawyer. You are a cool, calm and strategic thinker and analyst, an aggressive litigator when it was both necessary and appropriate and a steadfast negotiator when the time was right. You were able to leverage the talents of your colleagues and the latest technology to keep litigation costs to a minimum, even though this was adocument-intensive case. Our opposing counsel was experienced and very competent but I believe that I had a distinct advantage with you in my corner. It is obvious that your professional reputation and demeanor are beyond reproach and members of the judiciary and the bar hold you in the highest regard, and well they should. I share their respect and admiration for your talents and abilities and would gladly offer my endorsement to anyone who needs the best legal representation around."

Russell T. Ginise, Chief Operating Officer | White Oak Partners, LLC