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ConsensusDocs Adopts Master Subcontract & Project Work Order Forms

Kegler Brown Construction Law Newsletter

Contractors and Subcontractors who regularly work together frequently favor a Master Subcontract Agreement that sets forth the basic legal terms of the relationship regardless of Project, and an individual Project Work Order setting forth the scope and price on every discrete job. This saves time and hassle wrangling about subcontract language on a project-by-project basis.

ConsensusDocs has published a new Master Subcontract form (ConsensusDocs 755) and Project Work Order form (ConsensusDocs 756) to facilitate this growing practice.

The risk allocation terms in these documents mirror those in the Standard Subcontract Agreement Form (ConsensusDocs 750) that has been generally accepted for many years now.

ConsensusDocs standard construction documents are supported by a coalition of leading construction industry associations and are available at

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