Arbitrator Subpoenas Webinar: Are They Worth the Paper They’re Printed On?

, William K. Andrews from Andrews Myers, P.C.

The American Arbitration Association is hosting a 60-minute webinar that will provide a substantive examination of the current trends, successful approaches and strategies that parties and arbitrators have employed to compel non-party discovery and hearing attendance.

Don Gregory, director + chair of Kegler Brown’s construction law practice, is a featured speaker and will be giving a presentation on “Subpoenas in Arbitration."

Areas covered will include—

  • a review of current federal law;
  • representative court cases;
  • anecdotal examples of creative approaches to non-party discovery and hearing attendance through arbitrator subpoenas.

If you want to increase your knowledge of the reach of arbitral subpoenas and be better equipped to handle the real-world ramifications of efforts to compel non-party discovery and hearing attendance, you should not miss this webinar.

Who Should Attend

Arbitrators, advocates, academics, and anyone interested in the arbitration process.

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