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What We’re Reading: “Foreign Universities Open India Centres”

Kegler Brown Global Business News

Due to regulatory challenges in India, independent campuses of foreign universities have yet to be established. However, some global higher education brands are now taking on the responsibility of opening research centers to get a grasp on the ever-growing market.

The University of Chicago has taken the leap and opened a center in Delhi with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia Tech not far behind with a scheduled center opening in May. Harvard Business School already established a center in Mumbai.

Experts note that universities and institutes cannot expect to capture the potential of the Indian market by just "flying in and flying out." Creating centers not only increases engagement in the country, but provides the opportunity to establish a presence and understand the market and culture first-hand.

This article is a prime example that U.S. universities are finding innovative and non-traditional ways to capitalize on the opportunities the vast Indian market has to offer, including joint research collaborations, executive education, training, education support services and much more. India has a huge market that cannot be ignored.

Research by Dinodia Capital Advisors also demonstrates that India should not be a location to overlook. With the world's largest population, India has continuously increased its spending on education and recently made a shift from just a knowledge-based education economy to skill-based in order to prepare their students for obtaining jobs. These facts alone provide insight and motivation for U.S. universities to establish a presence in the Indian education sector. 


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