2020 DOL Overtime Regulations – Session 1

Kegler Brown

Join us for a critical strategy session with Kegler Brown’s employment lawyers, where we’ll discuss a range of important topics that includes:

  • The contextual framework of the FLSA overtime rules;
  • The 2016 amendments and their current status;
  • The specific requirements of the new Regulations;
  • The 5 exemptions and recent cases on them; and
  • Practical strategies to meet the new overtime exemption requirements.

We anticipate a heavy turnout and are planning two separate sessions to accommodate our clients.

New Overtime Rule Changes are Imminent

Whether you employ 10 or 10,000, the “exempt/non-exempt” overtime rules have always been a perplexing HR problem – a problem that will become more complex with new regulations on the way from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Expected Changes

The Department is proposing major changes to the most commonly utilized “white collar” exemptions from the requirement to pay overtime. Among other changes, the new regulations will increase the minimum salary that must be paid in order to maintain an exemption. It is estimated that the new regulations will increase the entitlement to overtime pay for nearly 1.5 million workers.

The Impact

These changes will have significant impact – both financial and operational – on your business. Do you know what the new regulations require? Do you know who will be exempt and who will not? Have you considered alternatives that may be available to you so that you will be in compliance?

Ignoring the new regulations could have severe consequences: remember, wage-hour litigation is the fastest growing type of litigation in the employment field.


Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 30thby contacting Olivia Moore at [email protected] or (614) 255 5515. 


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