Discussion on Data Security as Part of Attorney General Mike DeWine’s CyberOhio Initiative

, Anil Patel + Jessica Stall
Kegler Brown

As part of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s CyberOhio Initiative, Kegler Brown will host Anil Patel and Jessica Stall of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to discuss common data security issues facing mid-market and small Ohio businesses, along with practical steps for moving forward.

Data breaches are not limited to large corporations like Equifax, Anthem, and Target. Many cyber-attacks target small businesses, and these can have devastating effects.

The discussion will focus on practical steps for identifying risk, educating employees, and planning ahead, and will include an overview of data security best practices, real-world examples, and guidance on issues of compliance and data breach response.

Anil Patel
An Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and is assigned to the Cyber and Privacy Unit where he performs cybersecurity outreach throughout Ohio, legal analysis of laws and their application to the current cyber landscape, and participates in helping revise proposed legislation. As part of the Cyber and Privacy Unit, he focuses on the CyberOhio Initiative, which is aimed at protecting Ohio businesses from cyber threats.

Jessica Stall
A Cyber Analyst in the Cyber and Privacy Unit of the Consumer Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. As such, she tracks the current cyber landscape such as new attacks that companies may face, and also conducts cybersecurity outreach throughout Ohio. Additionally, Jessica holds an active role in the Ohio Attorney General’s CyberOhio Initiative, heading the Training and Technical Subcommittees.

Victoria Beckman
A member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Victoria regularly advises clients on privacy and data security issues. Not only does she assist clients with state, federal, and international compliance, but also with preparing strategies for responding to data breaches and other security incidents. Her experience includes facilitating the resolution of cases involving ransomware, assisting multi-global companies with recovery of losses after a breach, proactively reviewing existing policies for domestic and foreign companies to minimize risk of potential litigation, and supervising the transfer of data as an asset in the enforcement of judgments.

David Wilson
David is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and has earned the ANSI-accredited designation of Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). He regularly advises clients on privacy and data security issues, working with them to safeguard their information and intellectual property interests. His experience includes advising on compliance with domestic and cross-border regulatory obligations, advising on the development of privacy frameworks, policies and certifications, along with negotiating and drafting technology licenses, joint venture agreements and service agreements with an eye toward preparing for and responding to data breaches.


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