Business Lunch: Subsidiaries in the United States – “From Incorporation to the Piercing of the Corporate Veil”

Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner (FGvW)

The United States is the largest purchaser of German products outside the EU. Likewise, Germany is the U.S.’s most important trading partner in Europe. Due to the comparatively good economic situation in the United States, many German companies have invested in the Mid-West Region of the US in the past few years. More than 4,000 German companies have subsidiaries in the United States.

The incorporation of a Corporation or a LLC is fairly easy. However, their management contains many pitfalls which we would like to discuss with you:

  • Corporate form: Corporation (Inc. ) or LLC?
  • Registered office: Why Delaware?
  • Management: How can the U.S. subsidiary, from a compliance point of view and the aspect of adequate risk management, be managed most effectively - and how can I ensure this from a legal standpoint? Does it make sense for the German management to be represented on the board of the U.S. subsidiary? What belongs in the articles of association?
  • "Piercing of the Corporate Veil": When is the German parent company liable for the U.S. subsidiary and where can it be sued?

Martijn Steger and Katja Garvey, both from Kegler Brown, will be featured speakers.

Moderator + Host

Gerhard Manz, partner at Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner.

Manz is also the chairman of Carl-Schurz-Hauses / Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Freiburg e.V. and a board member of Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V.


FGvW’s Freiburg Office - Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 284, 79098 Freiburg i. Br.

For any questions, please contact Katja Garvey, [email protected]