Client Testimonials

Eric serves primarily as outside general counsel to his corporate clients, assisting them not only in navigating their legal challenges, but also in pursuing business strategies and evaluating risk. His varied background in representing clients from a wide variety of industries means his counsel is flexible and adaptable when legal issues arise.

Below are selected testimonials from Eric’s clients:

“I have worked with Eric Duffee on a number of different deals and it has always been important to him that we achieve our goals in a timely way - effectively and efficiently. His open communication with me makes me trust his decision-making and I’m happy to continue working with him.”

Jeff Wilkins, CEO | Facilities Management Express

"I have worked with Eric Duffee for more than seven years and his expertise and demeanor on my business matters has enabled me to make sound decisions while knowing all of my options. Like the entire Kegler Brown firm itself, Eric is a strong and fair partner to me."

Adam Lewin, President | Hamilton Parker Company

"Eric has worked with Remlinger Manufacturing on many different projects in the last few years. He understands what we are looking for and gets the projects done in a timely manner. We have seen double-digit growth the last several years and Eric and his firm have been there to help us achieve that growth.”

John Remlinger, President | Remlinger Manufacturing Company

"Eric is a trusted advisor to our business. He takes the time to understand our business needs and offers assistance to help us reach our goals. He is very responsive to our requests and his suggestions are valued."

Norm Murphy, Chief Financial Officer | J.D. Equipment, Inc.