50 State Summaries

Kegler Brown has studied the key construction law issues, such as lien and bond claims, contingent payment and retainage in the 50 states, and has prepared summaries on these important subjects to assist those doing business in multiple jurisdictions.

Retainage Law in the 50 States

As payment is the lifeblood of any contractor or subcontractor, the law regarding retainage is of great interest. Learn whether the state in which you are doing business limits retainage.

Lien and Bond Claims in the 50 States

Construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are uniquely empowered to protect their right to payment with the security provided by mechanic’s liens. Learn what actions are necessary to protect and perfect lien and bond rights, and the applicable time deadlines, in every state.

Contingent Payment in the 50 States

The difference between a “pay-when-paid” clause and a “pay-if-paid” clause often makes the difference between a subcontractor getting paid or not. Learn what states ban “pay-if-paid” clauses and what the law is concerning contingent payment in that jurisdiction.

Prompt Payment in the 50 States

Many states require prompt pay to contractors and subcontractors regardless of how the contract reads. Learn when payments must be made to avoid interest or legal fees.

Anti-Indemnity Statutes in the 50 States

Indemnity, Hold Harmless and Additional Insured provisions can shift the risk on a construction project to a party who is not negligent, and therefore are frequently considered unfair. Learn what states restrict such risk shifting or make certain indemnity provisions unenforceable.

Anti-Forum Selection Clauses in the 50 States

Many states view forum-selection clauses as creating an undue hardship for the subcontractor and being unreasonable or against public policy. Learn what states invalidate these venue-selecting clauses, making them “void and unenforceable.”

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