Commercial Vehicle / Automotive Manufacturing
Project Locations Worldwide

Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) is an industry leader in the concept, design, development and manufacturing of commercial vehicle component systems for the global truck, bus, construction, agricultural, military and specialty vehicle markets worldwide. CVG is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under the symbol CVGI. The company’s manufacturing footprint includes operations throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Over the last nine years, CVG has increased its utilization of our client team to create a streamlined approach to its legal and risk management issues globally.

As Kegler Brown has evolved into the primary outside general counsel to CVG, we now provide legal advice and business insight into its operational needs. We work closely with CVG’s team to manage its corporate issues, from intellectual property matters and real estate transactions to employment law and comprehensive contract management.

A Fully Integrated Team

The investment our firm has made in understanding not only the commercial vehicle market, but more importantly in becoming knowledgeable about the company’s approach to growth, creates efficiencies throughout all aspects of our partnership and reduces CVG’s overall legal spend. With a dedicated team of attorneys thoroughly trained on CVG’s business, we offer truly customized solutions for the company’s legal issues and have subject-matter experts available to the company at any time. Our approach to communications means that the business leaders at CVG know which attorney to call directly whenever issues arise to receive timely, insightful legal advice.

Global Risk Management

CVG is building a global presence that benefits from our attorneys’ extensive cross-border expertise. We counsel the company in the vast array of its global business issues, particularly with its acquisitions and divestitures, litigation avoidance, employment strategies, strategic expansion initiatives, and greenfield and brownfield projects. Our work with CVG spans the globe, with projects in Mexico, China, India, Thailand, Australia and markets throughout the European Union.

Intellectual Property

CVG’s global business operations require an integrated approach to protection of IPR. Our firm helps CVG manage its intellectual property needs worldwide and manages local counsel in all its important markets to position CVG for continued growth as it focuses on new product development as a key to its competitive success.