Health Care + Pharma
Representation Nationwide

With more than 30,000 employees nationwide, Cardinal Health is ranked among the Fortune 20 and serves as the business behind health care. Since 2009, the lawyers at Kegler Brown have managed the company's collections cases on a national scale on a creative fixed-fee basis.

National Representation

Kegler Brown has managed more than 100 matters for Cardinal Health nationally, with cases ranging in scope from routine post-judgment collection matters to multi-million dollar contested litigation. In addition to the coordination of the company's collections caseload, Kegler Brown handles bankruptcy matters stemming from previously filed collections cases, provides Cardinal Health with general counsel related to its credit policies, and provides advice in connection with workouts and sales involving the company's collateral.

The Numbers

The move to a fixed-fee arrangement with Kegler Brown meant that Cardinal Health immediately achieved budgetary certainty with respect to its annual collections budget. No matter what problems surface, Cardinal Health will receive effective representation without concern that additional resources are needed to pursue a legal matter.

Risk Management

This fixed-fee partnership places the burden of efficiency on our firm. Cardinal Health no longer has to try to anticipate a monthly bill because of a particularly complex matter. In order to provide Cardinal Health with a high level of service at a strategically appropriate price, Kegler Brown leverages its resources nationwide (including its alliance firms in SCG Legal) to best staff each matter on a case-by-case basis. Kegler Brown supervises and pays directly all local counsel. Our firm works to control expenses, manage relationships with local counsel across the country and coordinate related external legal services for the company's legal department at all times.

Strategic Counsel

Our firm continues to create ways to make the engagement more efficient, including a continued analysis and adjustment of staffing (both internally at Kegler Brown and at the local counsel level), increased efforts at pre-suit due diligence, and tailoring the selection of local counsel based on the exposure, merits, and collectability of any particular case. By moving away from a one-size-fits-all mentality, Kegler Brown has reduced the company's legal spend without sacrificing service or results. Because Cardinal Health and Kegler Brown's interests are aligned, the strategic tailoring of the engagement is done collaboratively.

The Results

The quality of Kegler Brown's counsel and the results obtained have consistently received high marks from both legal and business managers at Cardinal Health. The end result is that Cardinal Health and Kegler Brown have created a true partnership where interests are aligned and high quality legal work is provided at a fair price.