Fast and Efficient Settlement of a Hotly Contested Business Dispute

Ginise v. White Oak Partners, LLC. 2015. Franklin County Ohio Court of Common Pleas, Case No. 15 CV004034
In January 2015, Russell Ginise resigned as president of White Oak Partners, LLC, a closely held company engaged in the acquisition, ownership and operation of multi-family investment properties. At the time of his resignation, Mr. Ginise was one of the owners of White Oak Partners, and his resignation triggered buyout provisions at fair market value. A dispute arose as to the fair market value of his units and the parties were far apart in their respective assessments of the fair market value of Mr. Ginise’s units. In May 2015, Mr. Hill filed suit on behalf of Mr. Ginise in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. The matter was hotly contested at the outset, but by November 2015, before any substantial discovery had been undertaken (and with the cooperation of able opposing counsel), the parties reached a settlement on terms that eliminated any risk as to the outcome, eliminated the anticipated substantial costs of litigation for both parties, and that Mr. Ginise found very satisfactory. Mr. Ginise’s thoughts about the case and its outcome can be seen under Endorsements.