Driving Sales

A major motorcycle and ATV manufacturer designed a new type of vehicle that looks like a motorcycle, but drives like a car, and wanted to change the type of driver’s license required to operate it. Ohio law would have required its drivers to have a motorcycle endorsement, but, due to the way that the vehicle functions, the manufacturer preferred that motorists need only a standard driver’s license to be able to drive it on Ohio roads. As there are many more Ohioans with a standard driver’s license than those possessing a motorcycle endorsement, the sought-after change to the law would benefit the client significantly, markedly increasing the size of the potential market for the vehicle in Ohio.

The Kegler Brown team worked with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Governor’s Office and members of the Ohio General Assembly to craft a legislative solution. House Bill 429 was noted because it involved automotive-related law, had already been passed by the Ohio House and was awaiting passage in the Ohio Senate. Prior to it being passed by the Senate, an amendment changing Ohio’s driver’s license law was inserted into the bill. On June of 2016, House Bill 429 was enacted by the Ohio General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

As of today, Ohioans that wish to operate our client’s vehicle only need to have a standard driver’s license.