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  • In an Advisory Opinion issued August 5, 2016, the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct advised Ohio lawyers that they might be violating federal law by advising clients in the medical marijuana industry, or by using prescribed marijuana themselves. Ohio Sub. H.B. 523 permits the growth, processing, use, and sale of medical marijuana. Federal law, however, […]... More
  • The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended a Lima attorney for sexting with a client. On Tuesday, June 14, the Court issued an opinion suspending N. Shannon Bartels from the practice of law for one year, with six months of the suspension stayed on the condition that Bartels complete a CLE study, pay all costs, commit […]... More
  • In my December 7, 2015, post, I discussed the basic contours of Rule 1.14, as well as the meaning of diminished capacity in the context of legal ethics. In this post, I will discuss the basic analysis lawyers can use to determine when a client has diminished capacity, and what lawyers can do in such a […]... More
  • Two recent news stories have placed in the headlines the issue of how lawyers should advise clients with diminished capacity to make legal decisions. The first is the publication of Harper Lee’s novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” an event that has occasioned caustic criticism of Lee’s lawyer, Tonja Carter. The second is Bill Dedman’s investigation […]... More