At the conclusion of an athlete's professional career, transitioning into retirement can be a very difficult process; it's no secret that athletes often end their careers facing troubling legal and financial challenges. At Kegler Brown, we provide guidance and protection for retired professional athletes as they settle into a new professional life. Retired athletes face many of the same types of legal issues as those faced by current athletes, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Contract analysis and review
  • Intellectual property
  • Business and professional management structuring
  • Foundations and charitable giving
  • Emerging business advice
  • Real estate investment
  • Civil litigation
  • Global business

However, retired athletes often look to experienced lawyers to provide legal services from a different perspective.

We work closely with retired athletes who are considering new options to earn income by leveraging the brand equity and goodwill attached to their names and likenesses and creating a legal infrastructure that will continue to protect their business and personal goals throughout retirement. Like so many of the firm's other clients, we serve as trusted advisors to professional athletes throughout the maturity of their careers by providing ongoing legal counsel and trusted business advice.