For a professional athlete, the negotiation of subsequent playing contracts often brings about a recognition that athletic careers have relatively limited time horizons, and planning for post-career life comes into focus. Throughout this process, these clients require customized legal services that will protect them throughout the transitions of their professional life cycles.

  • Estate planning: as the acquisition of real estate and business investments continues to grow, we offer estate and business planning services with increased sophistication and more complex legal protections.
  • Contract analysis and review: with subsequent playing contracts comes the need for more complex consideration throughout the negotiation process. And as endorsement opportunities become increasingly available, the need to make strategic business decisions becomes even more important. We work hand-in-hand with agents and advisors to maximize income and minimize risk for our clients.
  • Intellectual property: we work closely with athletes to better understand the market value not only of his or her name and likeness, but also of the experience and personality that constitute meaningful IP assets.
  • Business and professional management structuring: the inclusion of family, friends and other private associates into an athlete's management structure can be complicated. Our firm advises clients in establishing and structuring a management entity to minimize tax liability, leverage employment strategies and protections, and to provide comprehensive business counsel.
  • Foundations and charitable giving: because athletes become such an integral part of their local communities, giving back often becomes a primary focus. Our attorneys help determine the best vehicle to facilitate charitable giving, whether through a foundation, fundraiser or dedicated event, managing all filings, licenses and designations along the way.
  • Emerging business advice: we know athletes to be inherently entrepreneurial and draw on our firm's respected Emerging Business practice to assist them in creating and operating new business ventures, including startups, investments and franchises.
  • Real estate investment: when athletes are looking for tangible investment opportunities, they often turn to real estate as an option. We draw on decades of experience from the attorneys in our well known Real Estate + Financing practice to assist in purchase and sale transactions, financing alternatives, key contract strategies and other critical aspects of real property investment.
  • Civil litigation: veteran contracts bring deeper pockets and increase the likelihood that athletes may become the target of frivolous lawsuits. We represent individual athletes and their businesses when these issues arise.
  • Global business: seasoned athletes often develop global brands that allow them to leverage those brands in multiple countries. Our deep experience working with multinational corporations and their key executives, together with our in-depth understanding of the complexities athletes overcome, means that we can provide strategic, efficient counsel anywhere in the world.