Making the transition from high school and college sports to the professional ranks is a challenging time for young athletes. Athletes who take non-traditional paths face unique challenges as well. Kegler Brown offers a customized portfolio of legal services that can help protect an athlete throughout this life-defining transition.

  • Estate planning: the most often overlooked piece of asset protection is also the most critical for young athletes suddenly considering high-dollar contracts at a time when wealth planning is not top-of-mind. We provide a tailored suite of documents with their unique needs in mind.
  • Contract review and analysis: we work closely with the agents and advisors that negotiate, secure and/or review endorsement and other various contracts. Our role is to review the legal nuances of contract documents and evaluate the varying levels of risk and image rights to make sure contracts are fair, protections are in force and income is maximized.
  • Intellectual property: young athletes often develop their own brands that require sophisticated protection. Our firm offers counsel related to personal brand protection, represents these brand assets in negotiations, contracts, endorsements and in other business opportunities that seek to utilize an athlete's likeness for merchandising.
  • Business and professional management structuring: the inclusion of family, friends and other private associates into an athlete's management structure can be complicated. Our firm advises clients in establishing and structuring a management entity to minimize tax liability, leverage employment strategies and protections, and to provide comprehensive business counsel.
  • Civil litigation: athletes are often the target of lawsuits. We represent both individuals and companies in contract and business litigation involving top corporate management and fundamental aspects of the company‚Äôs business.
  • Global business: for athletes who live or work in multiple countries, we deliver a consistent, cohesive and coherent array of collaborative services that answer their business and legal needs at any time, in any location. Our experience working with multinational corporations and their key executives together with our in-depth understanding of the complexities athletes overcome uniquely position us to provide focused international solutions to the clients who need them most.