Athletes, coaches and other sports industry professionals face many transitions in their personal and professional lives, which require their business advisors and legal counsel to have an in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges these individuals face every day. At Kegler Brown, we intimately understand the complex lives of professional athletes and dedicated artists and we provide them with the sound business and legal advice they need to focus on perfecting their crafts and helping to protect all they have worked to achieve. We take a holistic approach to these representations because we believe that it is impossible to deliver meaningful advice to athletes without a foundational understanding of their lifestyles and the professional challenges they face.

Our Services

As a firm widely recognized for its effective representation of small and emerging businesses throughout the country, we draw on that experience to deliver a tailored suite of services for athletes and sports industry professionals that is customized not only by profession, but by life cycle stages within those professions.

Because athletes face such complex transitions in their professional careers, we've crafted a unique approach to support these clients.

Regardless of sport or level of success, there are several fundamental services important to consider for these clients.

  • Intellectual Property: working with athletes to not only identify and protect the IP assets contained in their business, including copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary information, but also to protect and utilize other valuable legacies of their hard work, like their personal brand and image.
  • Foundations + Charitable Giving: for those individuals and businesses for which private foundations are the right fit, we can establish the entity and advise on structural and management options; for those who want to raise money for a special cause, we advise and protect them through comprehensive representation.
  • Entity Selection + Structure: assist new and existing companies, and their owners, in structuring their businesses in a way that supports their unique needs; advise clients on corporate governance, tax efficiency and funding vehicles when establishing their businesses.
  • Real Estate: utilizing experience in overcoming regulatory challenges, leveraging tax and economic incentives, and developing related legal strategies to advise buyers, sellers and developers in structuring, negotiating and closing transactions involving real estate investments, acquisitions and dispositions.
  • Estate Planning: protecting key business and personal assets; strategic counsel regarding business succession and legacy planning; drafting and executing critical estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, and other wealth transfer vehicles.
  • Tax: addressing issues regarding income across various jurisdictions, both domestically and internationally; minimizing tax liability; managing distribution of assets in protected entities, including LLCs, partnerships, corporations, etc.
  • Contract Analysis: advice to protect athletes when considering licensing agreements, endorsement opportunities, investment contracts, real estate transactions, franchise agreements, and more.
  • Franchising: leveraging extensive experience representing both national franchisors and individual franchisees to counsel clients considering franchise opportunities as an investment vehicle, including advice regarding the inherent financial and risk management issues at stake in these agreements.

Our Clients

Because athletes and staff operate within a dynamic industry, we provide similarly dynamic solutions to address their legal challenges. Our services are tailored to focus on easing the professional transitions athletes experience through the course of their professional careers. And because we understand these transitions so thoroughly, our lawyers are uniquely positioned to help protect these clients as their personal and professional lives evolve.

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For more information on our legal services customized for athletes, coaches and other sports industry professionals, please contact  Michelle Wong Halabi.