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3-4 months ago, India abruptly withdrew its bill related to data protection and privacy. It has now proposed a new comprehensive data privacy law known as the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (2022) that would mandate how companies must handle the personal information...
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The 2022 election re-emphasized two things. First, the Republican Party remains the dominant party in Ohio, despite its reputation as a “swing state.” Second, there will continue to be very narrow margins in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to...
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You’ve done it! You’ve made the leap. The internal and external naysayers and fearmongers that tried their best to talk you out of starting your business were unequivocally (or perhaps somewhat equivocally) conquered. Your business is formed, it is gaining momentum, you’ve hired an...
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North High Brewing, Dublin
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Kegler Brown, also available via livestream
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