The information revolution has evolved into the data revolution. New market opportunities are emerging daily as smart companies determine new ways to collect, analyze and act upon ever-increasing volumes of data. Social expectations, legislation and regulatory schemes are shifting nearly as quickly as the technology advances.

The winners in this data revolution will be the companies that best navigate this nuanced and rapidly changing environment. Working from that perspective, our firm consults on legal compliance and best practices to manage both liability risk and public relations risk.

Our Services

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Business associate agreements
  • Regulatory compliance: complex, evolving regulatory regimes, from PCI and platform compliance (e.g. Facebook, Apple, Android) to domestic and global privacy and data compliance; HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Best practices: on all legislative and regulatory trends
  • Website/app privacy policies
  • Subscription/service agreements/SLAs: subscription and service agreements for SaaS to ensure ownership and rights to use of data are appropriately documented
  • Partner ecosystems development: negotiation of joint development; co-marketing agreements with third-party platforms; technology vendors

Global Information Security + Privacy

Companies need to fully understand the obligations, liabilities, risks and perspectives involving information security and privacy everywhere in the world they do business, including any industry sector-specific rules. Our team provides a practical and comprehensive legal and business approach for dealing with information security and privacy law issues in companies’ business operations globally, including North America, Latin America, the EU and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Clients

Primarily, we serve the software developers, IT and technology firms, and businesses of all sizes in managing sensitive data. We represent industry leaders, including: the country’s largest independent, digitally-led marketing agency; a Boston-based provider of clinical, commercial and consulting services to health care businesses; and a global company focused on wireless mobile buyback, data protection and hardware recycling.

Contact Us

For more information on our big data and privacy services, please contact Steve Barsotti or David M. Wilson for domestic inquiries and Vinita Bahri-Mehra or Martijn Steger for inquiries of a cross-border nature.